about me

I grew up 4-lingual in Winterthur, Lugano (Switzerland) and Hong Kong. Photography has accompanied me since childhood. Discovered the passion for black&white photography as teenager developing films in own little photo lab. After that reportage and people photography with analog reflex. Entry into the world of digital photography and collaboration with accomplished wedding photographer. Step into independence and qualifications in the field of studio photography and image processing.

about my photography

What fascinates me about photography is creativity and emotion. A picture is a good one in my book when it is able to trigger a sensation to the observer. It is irrelevant whether the picture is a studio shot, a portrait or a wedding image. That is the kind of picture I would like to create with you. With my empathy, my creativity and my presence in the moment I am convinced to be your photographer for your special picture.

Thank you for getting in touch!